FSCI 2022 has ended

Welcome to FSCI2022!  

You must register at Eventbrite before you can choose sessions.

Once registered, simply select the course(s) you’d like to attend, as well as the Plenary and Community events.

Questions?  Visit the FSCI2022 website, or email us at fsci-info@force11.org.

If you have additional questions please send to fsci-info@force11.org and we will add to this FAQ

Q: How do I participate in networking and community events?

Many events will occur on Zoom, but some will also take place in Topia, on Slack, or through other modes. Click on any event to see more details.

Q:  Will there be coffee breaks at FSCI2022?

Yes, these are listed as Fireside Cats and have specific themes. You will have to provide your own tea and coffee, but at least you can have espresso! (if you have a machine at home). 

Q:  Are there ways to meet other FSCI participants?  

Yes, come to Fireside Cats! This is a virtual coffee with preset topics. 

You can also take advantage of Topia where you can talk to participants from across the institute.  There are also FSCI Slack channels for attendees to communicate with each other.

Classroom and Meeting Spaces 

Q: Where is the course syllabus?

Detailed course information will be shared with attendees in the weeks leading up to the conference - including course Zoom information, any recommended readings, and other information the instructor wishes to share in advance.

Q: Where are the classrooms for FSCI2022 courses?

Course hubs are found in OSF. Synchronous course sessions are held via Zoom. As FSCI approaches, attendees will receive more information about accessing FSCI courses via email. 


Q: What is the FSCI Twitter handle and hashtag?

 The FSCI Twitter account is @force11.rescomm and the hashtags are #FSCI and #FSCI2022

Q. Is there a Slack Workplace for FSCI2022?

Yes there is! We will be using Slack as the primary way to communicate with other attendees.  

You'll receive an invite to our Slack workspace before FSCI begins. Each FSCI2022 Course will have a private channel for the course instructor and students, and there will be general channels to allow conversations across the entire institute. An invitation will be sent to each student asking them to join their assigned course.  

Q:  Is there a Meeting Code of Conduct?

Yes and it is located here:  https://www.force11.org/code-conduct

General Questions

Q: I want to learn more about FORCE11, where should I go.

Please follow this link: https://www.force11.org/

Q: I really enjoyed my FSCI experience, how can I get involved.

Get in touch with FSCI organizers and let us know how you want to help: fsci-info@force11.org

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